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Strategically Placing Your Website Link

Strategically Placing Your Website Link

Throughout my recent research, I have found some information on how to strategically link your website with high traffic websites to boost sales and recognition.   Susan Sweeney, author of 101 Ways to Promote Your Website, has written some awesome stuff about linking your site and more in this book.

It will become important for you to choose links to your site that will help you in your search engine ranking, and drive traffic to your website.  These links should come from web pages, blogs, and other social media websites.  Developing a link strategy is going to be one of the most critical elements of marketing on the internet.  Coming up with a link strategy is time-consuming, but well worth the effort.  Links are important because, if they are placed properly, they can really help increase traffic to your site. 

The popular search engines use link popularity and relevancy for their ranking criteria.  The more links that are associated with your website, the more popular it becomes.  The more links you have to your website, can boost your placement with the search engines.  Also, the more links to your site, the search engine spiders will be able to find you.  Now how to go about strategically link your site:

  1.  Link to every high-traffic site that is of interest to your target market
  2. Develop a strategy to find these sites and arrange your links.
  3. Start with the popular search engines
  4. Search your most relevant keywords
  5. Investigate the top sites for link possibilities
  6. Make a list of your most important keywords for your website using your master keyword list.

There are many more strategies she talks about.  I recommend anyone who has a website, and needs help promoting it, to get this book.  She also has a free course at



Concepts in Network Marketing

The Concepts in Network Marketing to Getting Leads

Author: MayaGracie


I have for many years tried lots of different home-based businesses and could not get any leads or anyone to buy my products.  I always wanted to do things my way and not ever follow any kind of market strategy, or plan, or take the time to use the tools that were provided for me to sell my products.  People can spend years in MLM, not selling anything because they lack a good marketing plan or they just simply do not know where to begin, how to get leads and to get people to be interested in what they have to offer.  I was one of those people for a very long time.  I learned that you must establish a relationship first with people before you try and sell anything to them.  This is what my problem was. I tried to get that sale at the first chance of meeting them.  I literally alienated people away from me doing that.  There are a couple of concepts I have learned in network marketing that are effective and work.  Let me break them down for you.

  1. Establish a relationship with people.  People are only going to do business with you if they trust you.
  2. Learn to accept the word no and capitalize on that
  3. Learn what peoples wants and needs are
  4. See if you can help solve their problems
  5. Be a value and an asset to others



Let’s face it; people at least 90% of the time do not care what you are selling unless you have some of value to bring to them.  You need to know how to be attractive to your prospects, see if you can offer the type of services or products they are looking for.  This is not going to happen overnight, because establishing a relationship first is what is going to get you at least half way in.  You need to get into a person’s world first.  All that I am writing is written many times over and is quite redundant.     A good marketing plan or effective marketing course will help a person to market their product and services effectively.  No business can run properly without one.  There are so many of them out there and you need to choose the one that fits your business.  No business will flourish overnight.  It takes time, consistency, and dedication to build a sound business.  Getting leads to your business should not be your only focus.  Leads can come and go.  Once you learn how to establish relationships, leads will stay and it will create more leads and then you will end up with so many leads, your business will explode.  Once you get your leads it will be imperative to follow up with them.  When a lead is fresh, that’s when best to contact them right away. These concepts are best learned for any business and are better for the frustrated that are not able to get leads.  There are many great resources and books that teach these concepts.  I encourage all in Network Marketing to research and find the best course, best marketing strategies that will work for your business.