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Facebook: Is it Right for Your Business

Facebook: Is it Right for Your Business

It is always important to research the opportunites within Facebook that are available for you company to use for promotion.  It is also important to carefully consider the pros and cons of whether you should have a Facebook presence or not.  Time needs to be considered when choosing Facebook as your social media platform.  Make sure to always refer back to your objectives , and know your target market.  Keep these tips in mind:

  1.  Consider how much time you are able to spend working on you campaign and choose your activities wisely. 
  2. Keep search engine optimization in mind when using a social media platform. 
  3. Updates should include links back to your site and should include important keywords in the anchor text and text around the link.
  4. Your updates should include valuable content for your fans, but you should be boosting yourself, so your search engine score rises. 


Fan pages and Facebook groups are indexed by the search engines.  Facebook profiles are indexed, but for only for specific information, and this depends upon your personal private settings that you established.  Also, there is a difference between personal profiles, and fan pages.   Personal profiles are for personal use only, and are not meant for businesses.  A fan page is created to promote businesses, public figures, sports teams and more.  There are things to consider when you are deciding to create a fan page and if it is right for your business.  Consider these:


  1.  A fan page cannot be joined with a group or attend a event.
  2. You must have a strategy to build fans.
  3. Consider adding links to your fan page from your newsletter, email or website.
  4. After you have developed a fan base, direct them to your website.
  5. Use email marketing in order to develop your own database.
  6. Provide valuable content so your fans will tell others about you.
  7. Encourage participation and interact with your fan base.
  8. Send updates regularly with relevant information that helps you achieve your objectives.
  9. Use New feeds to your advantage.


Updates for on all of your pages of your campaign on Facebook should be done frequently, if not you will lose fans and most likely, lose business.


Social Media: The Strategy

Social Media: The Strategy

In any social media program number one strategy should be is to listen.  Social –media platforms are for people and not necessarily for companies.  Social networks are making it easier for businesses to make money on a huge audience.  Social Networking is becoming popular with businesses.  Social-media platforms are meant for businesses that are not all about business.  Social –media platforms will work for businesses that care about their customers and what their customers are thinking and saying about them.  If you own a business, and you are going to use a social-media platform, such as, Facebook, or Twitter, you will be most successful if you do the following:


  1.  Listen.  How you listen to your customer when interacting with online will prove successful or unsuccessful for your business.  Social Media should be about valuing your customer opinions and to learn from them.  It is imperative that you make it a priority to listen and learn from your customers.
  2. You should monitor your social-media campaigns.  You should collect, quantify, and learn what customers are saying about you online.  The more you learn, the more you can strategically plan how you will entice your customer.
  3. Determine who is going to be responsible for your social media campaign, and who is going to be responsible for the day to day managing.