Aweber: Everything You Need in an Email Campaign


Aweber Software is one of the best to use for any email campaign.  An email campaign is necessary for any business.  The service is available right now for $1.  This software has many features to choose from.  With this software, you are able to welcome your subscribers, answer prospects questions about your business, and create a sign up form for your website visitors to fill out.  Aweber also has over 150 templates to create great-looking emails.  They also have a RSS to email.  With this feature, you can turn your latest blog posts to an email newsletter.  They also have a customer service expert available to answer your questions when needed.  Aweber also enables Twitter and Facebook integration.  With this feature, you would be able to instantly send twitter followers a link to your newest emails.  You will also be able to keep a record of past newsletters with the broadcast archive.  Grow your list with an integrated sign-up form on the online version of your message.  Pricing for over 500 subscribers is $19 dollars a month.  See link


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