Tips on How to use Facebook to Get Leads

Facebook can be used to get leads, but it is in the way you use it, is what matters.  I watched a webinar training on some tips on how to use facebook to find the perfect prospect, and make a true connection.  Using these tips will not yield instant results, but if it is done consistently, results will come.


1.  Go to the search box and type in a famous persons name (such as Robert Kiyosawki)

2.  Look at the comments, and do not just friend anyone.  You want to find a person who is not argumentative, or seems angry.  Read their comments carefully.  If you like their comments, message them.


Do not message them about your business.  Message them something like, “oh I read your comment, I really like it, and I hope we can connect.” Do not mention your business, because people do not like to be solicited.  The more connections you make, the more others get to know you, and trust you, eventually they will come to you and ask to join you in whatever it is your are doing.


3.  To search for a perfect prospect(I do not think there is such a thing as perfect) but, when you are reading the comments, you do not want to respond to somebody with a really long comment.  Look for people whos comments seem to indicate that they are open minded. 

4.  Send each prospect an individual message.

5. Use their name .  Ask them what they do. In order to do business, you need to get them on the phone, when they are ready to really make that connection. Always establish the relationship first.


Your goal is to make them curious and you want them to open up to you. Very important******  Never send links, unless you are asked.  This puts people off….



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