Setting up Your Website

Setting up Your Website

When I first had a website, I could not figure out why people were not seeing it.  The problem was that I did not know that there are critical components your website should have in order to be successful.  Everything consists of planning, and I did not take time to do that.  I have learned so many years later that planning is critical in everything you do when running a business, or having a website requires careful planning, and research.  I did not take the time to define my online objectives, nor did I research my target market.

 Your website should be developed with who your target market is.  It is important to develop your website with a strategy that is going to promote your product and services.  I have also learned in my research that websites that are successful are successful because they are updated frequently.  There are some things to keep in mind when developing your website:

  1.  Know the needs and wants and expectations of your target market.
  2. Define your objectives
  3. Use marketing strategies that are related to your target market.


My problem was that I did not research any of this, and I did not hire a web developer.  I did not hire a web developer because I could not afford one.  I also tried setting up a website on my own on homestead, and I could not do it.  I was lacking the knowledge I needed to make it successful.  Since I did not try to obtain the knowledge I needed, I failed because of not planning, studying my target market, and setting objectives, and goals.   4.  After planning your objectives and you are going to update your website, make sure that all the changes you make are according to what your objectives are.


Remember without adequate planning, you are wasting time, and maybe money.  Always plan, and then move to the next step. It’s all about a process.


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