The difference between marketing strategies and tactics:Simple strategies to use to attract leads to your business

The difference between marketing strategies and tactics: Simple strategies to use to attract leads to your business


If you are going to have your own home-based business, it is important that you understand the difference between what a marketing strategy is and what a marketing tactic is.  A marketing strategy is a long term plan on all of your campaigns to reach a strategic goal.  It is based on the intended goals of your business.  A marketing tactic is a tool that is used to achieve the short-term goals of your business.  Whatever marketing strategies you decide to use in your business should be based on your needs and goals of your business.  The tactics you use need to be chosen wisely to save you from a poor strategy.


There are many simple strategies that you can use on a daily basis to attract leads to your business.  I am only going to name a few. I will discuss how to truly implement these in another blog. These are simple, and have worked for many people who use them consistently.

  1.  A daily goal should be for you to connect with 5 people a day.  You could accomplish this by using Facebook, or twitter.  Never try and sell on either one of them.  Use them to establish relationships.  Use the principles in Attraction Marketing
  2. You may want to use marketing network groups, such as, or inner circle.  Attend these meetings to connect with others.  Awesome way to get leads.
  3. When using Facebook, start with your friends (which are your warm market), But remember, do not try and sell, just keep establishing relationships and the sale will come later.
  4. Use all of the laws of attraction marketing.



2 responses to this post.

  1. #1 is great advice, I think that 5 is a very manageable goal and I agree that relationship-building is far more important than selling in the long run.


    • Hey, Im glad you agree about relationship building. To have repeat business, anyone will need to establish a relationship with their customers. It is important to show that you care about their wants and needs, and try and solve their problems. Offering something of value is key also.


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