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Setting up Your Website

Setting up Your Website

When I first had a website, I could not figure out why people were not seeing it.  The problem was that I did not know that there are critical components your website should have in order to be successful.  Everything consists of planning, and I did not take time to do that.  I have learned so many years later that planning is critical in everything you do when running a business, or having a website requires careful planning, and research.  I did not take the time to define my online objectives, nor did I research my target market.

 Your website should be developed with who your target market is.  It is important to develop your website with a strategy that is going to promote your product and services.  I have also learned in my research that websites that are successful are successful because they are updated frequently.  There are some things to keep in mind when developing your website:

  1.  Know the needs and wants and expectations of your target market.
  2. Define your objectives
  3. Use marketing strategies that are related to your target market.


My problem was that I did not research any of this, and I did not hire a web developer.  I did not hire a web developer because I could not afford one.  I also tried setting up a website on my own on homestead, and I could not do it.  I was lacking the knowledge I needed to make it successful.  Since I did not try to obtain the knowledge I needed, I failed because of not planning, studying my target market, and setting objectives, and goals.   4.  After planning your objectives and you are going to update your website, make sure that all the changes you make are according to what your objectives are.


Remember without adequate planning, you are wasting time, and maybe money.  Always plan, and then move to the next step. It’s all about a process.


The difference between marketing strategies and tactics:Simple strategies to use to attract leads to your business

The difference between marketing strategies and tactics: Simple strategies to use to attract leads to your business


If you are going to have your own home-based business, it is important that you understand the difference between what a marketing strategy is and what a marketing tactic is.  A marketing strategy is a long term plan on all of your campaigns to reach a strategic goal.  It is based on the intended goals of your business.  A marketing tactic is a tool that is used to achieve the short-term goals of your business.  Whatever marketing strategies you decide to use in your business should be based on your needs and goals of your business.  The tactics you use need to be chosen wisely to save you from a poor strategy.


There are many simple strategies that you can use on a daily basis to attract leads to your business.  I am only going to name a few. I will discuss how to truly implement these in another blog. These are simple, and have worked for many people who use them consistently.

  1.  A daily goal should be for you to connect with 5 people a day.  You could accomplish this by using Facebook, or twitter.  Never try and sell on either one of them.  Use them to establish relationships.  Use the principles in Attraction Marketing
  2. You may want to use marketing network groups, such as, or inner circle.  Attend these meetings to connect with others.  Awesome way to get leads.
  3. When using Facebook, start with your friends (which are your warm market), But remember, do not try and sell, just keep establishing relationships and the sale will come later.
  4. Use all of the laws of attraction marketing.


Goal Setting: Taking Action to get what you want

Goal Setting Taking Action to get what you want.

I wonder how many people really set long term and short term goals and write them down?  Writing your goals down will keep you better organized and you will more likely stick to what it is you want.  I prioritize my goals on a daily basis.  I do not know if you would call them goals or just a simple to do list.  The bigger goals you set, and the more they require continued growth, the more successful you will become at reaching those goals.

A person who is successful will work towards their goals.  You decide what it is you want in your life and and GO FOR IT!!!!!  Begin acting on what it is you want.  You need to see yourself in a positive light and the more positive you are about yourself, that is what you will get out of yourself is the positive things.  In order to change your world, in whatever is going on, you need to look at things in a different way.

What you perceive in your mind, is what you expect.  People are successful because they think in successful terms.  The question is what are you asking for in your life???  Are you ready to take action to get what you want???  Are you pleased with everything you have in your life right now??   Do you have a purpose in life???   The more you desire, and the more you act on your desires, the more successful you will be at getting what you want and then all else is possible.  Action is key.

Concepts in Network Marketing

The Concepts in Network Marketing to Getting Leads

Author: MayaGracie


I have for many years tried lots of different home-based businesses and could not get any leads or anyone to buy my products.  I always wanted to do things my way and not ever follow any kind of market strategy, or plan, or take the time to use the tools that were provided for me to sell my products.  People can spend years in MLM, not selling anything because they lack a good marketing plan or they just simply do not know where to begin, how to get leads and to get people to be interested in what they have to offer.  I was one of those people for a very long time.  I learned that you must establish a relationship first with people before you try and sell anything to them.  This is what my problem was. I tried to get that sale at the first chance of meeting them.  I literally alienated people away from me doing that.  There are a couple of concepts I have learned in network marketing that are effective and work.  Let me break them down for you.

  1. Establish a relationship with people.  People are only going to do business with you if they trust you.
  2. Learn to accept the word no and capitalize on that
  3. Learn what peoples wants and needs are
  4. See if you can help solve their problems
  5. Be a value and an asset to others



Let’s face it; people at least 90% of the time do not care what you are selling unless you have some of value to bring to them.  You need to know how to be attractive to your prospects, see if you can offer the type of services or products they are looking for.  This is not going to happen overnight, because establishing a relationship first is what is going to get you at least half way in.  You need to get into a person’s world first.  All that I am writing is written many times over and is quite redundant.     A good marketing plan or effective marketing course will help a person to market their product and services effectively.  No business can run properly without one.  There are so many of them out there and you need to choose the one that fits your business.  No business will flourish overnight.  It takes time, consistency, and dedication to build a sound business.  Getting leads to your business should not be your only focus.  Leads can come and go.  Once you learn how to establish relationships, leads will stay and it will create more leads and then you will end up with so many leads, your business will explode.  Once you get your leads it will be imperative to follow up with them.  When a lead is fresh, that’s when best to contact them right away. These concepts are best learned for any business and are better for the frustrated that are not able to get leads.  There are many great resources and books that teach these concepts.  I encourage all in Network Marketing to research and find the best course, best marketing strategies that will work for your business.